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Simple & Social Sports Software for Teams and Families

Simple & Social Sports Software for
High School & College Sports Teams

StatEasy is a an integrated stats and video technology platform for schools, teams and families. We help coaches and families capture and share the greatest moments of every game — without distracting anyone from enjoying it as it happens. Our solutions create community within a school and eliminates the post-game video editing process saving time for coaches and support staff.

For Coaches


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Spend less time worrying about stats and more time working with the team.

Budgets are tightening and tools—when you can afford them—are complicated and time consuming. We built StatEasy to be neither of those things. Our solution is designed to create and grow communities through the support of the community itself. And our platforms automagic stat and video processing is so easy to use, you’ll almost feel guilty how much time you’ll get back for coaching.

For Players


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Share the best moments of every game with friends and family.

The world has gone digital. From Facebook to Twitter, all of us are connected to one another electronically. StatEasy helps you capture, share and archive the greatest moments of any practice or game to share with family, peers, fans, coaches and recruiters. Our platform fosters interaction and improves teams by extending video and stat content beyond the walls of the locker room.

For Families


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Enjoy the best moments again and again with family, regardless of whether they could make the game.

StatEasy grows communities and increases pride within those communities. Our integrated stats and video creates a safe, protected social network to engage players, families and peers with games and highlights. The StatEasy social network makes it possible for everyone to get involved with the various sports at a particular school through video.

For Athletic Directors


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Grow the unity of your school by creating a protected social network for your schools sports content.

We know what it’s like to be an Athletic Director. Our team has been there. We believe that sharing the sports experience drives that positive identity for all students and supporting community members. We want to empower school leaders with the tools to foster and grow a sense of community that drives unity in your program and promotes victory on the court or in the field.

For Media & Recruiters


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Be everywhere at once.

Getting the content you need for the evening news or your next recruiting meeting is a challenge. We know that. So we’ve created a Sports Video Network for recruiters and media to follow key players.

As a college athlete, I am really impressed by StatEasy.

Megan Hans
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

It gives that coach an option of showing their players instantly, not just their numbers, not just their stats, but film to back up what those numbers say, so that’s something that we think could be really special to the coach.

Tom Barrick
Executive Director, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association

We believe it’s the model that is going to catch on once people realize the quality of the product.

Greg Grantham
Executive Director, North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association