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We help schools build community by sharing life’s moments in sports.


Safe and social sports software for your school

We know what it’s like to be an Athletic Director. Our team has been there.

We know the challenges of juggling schedules, transportation, leadership, compliance, financial management and human resources all at the same time. We know know that all the while, your real goal is building a sense of community within your population. We help schools build community by sharing life’s moments in sports.

We believe that sharing the sports experience drives that positive identity for all students and supporting community members. We want to empower school leaders with the tools to foster and grow a sense of community that drives unity in your program and promotes victory on the court or in the field.

Benefits for Athletic Directors

Laptop_Athletic_DirectorsIncrease Unity & school pride inside and out

Engage the school community, local fans, media and recruiters by sharing the schools best sports moments.

All the content, none of the work

Our solution removes the manual process traditionally associated with sports video software so coaches, players and fans can enjoy the content without the production work.

Safe, but social

StatEasy delivers a social experience to schools, teams and families inside of a closed, safe network to provide a collaborative experience without the risks of conventional social networks.

Free for the school and team

By engaging families with game content of their favorite player, its free for teams.

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by sharing life’s best moments in sports.

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Lighting fast content discovery

A searchable database of video clips for coaches, families, and players makes sharing game and season highlights a breeze

No new work: All the benefits of content with no workload

It helps the coach to be more efficient by simplifying video feedback (ie. Cut Ups, Teaching Video, BYOD Instruction.

StatEasy helps coaches teach by providing access for players to integrated stats and video at home.

StatEasy helps coaches teach by sending telestrated film to athletes to view on phone, tablet or home computer.

Simple outreach to media and recruiters

Our tools make sharing content with trusted outsiders a snap.

Im a huge fan of StatEasy and haven’t found any stat program that works as well when stating volleyball.

William Becque
William Becque
Director of Sports Information at Smith College

We utilized the stats on the bench to help us win a 5-set match against the 4th ranked team in the country! They were not using StatEasy by the way.

Tim Balice
Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

It’s a definite game changer!

Patrick Walton
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Voyager Academy

Mind = Blown.

Lauren Torvi
Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach, Depauw University

I think the wives might be the ones that want to really push the husbands into getting this stuff done, because [they] might have more time with [their] family now!

Tom Hursey, Executive Director
Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan

One of our major [focal points] is professional development… That is part of our mission, and this product, hands down, does that.

Dave Archer
Executive Director, Basketball Coaches Association of New York

As a college athlete, I am really impressed by StatEasy.

Megan Hans
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

It gives that coach an option of showing their players instantly, not just their numbers, not just their stats, but film to back up what those numbers say, so that’s something that we think could be really special to the coach.

Tom Barrick
Executive Director, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association

We believe it’s the model that is going to catch on once people realize the quality of the product.

Greg Grantham
Executive Director, North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association