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StatEasy’s Guide to Technology: Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech

StatEasy’s Guide to Technology: Wearable Tech It’s going to happen, so you better be prepared. Wearable tech has been slowly making its way to consumers for a few years now, but we have a feeling it’s going to pick up in the next year.  In this edition of StatEasy’s Guide to Technology, we’ll cover two […]

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The Triad Trackers – A Wheelchair Basketball Team

Triad Trackers

Laurie Mulqueeny is a passionate basketball coach from North Carolina. About six years ago, she began coaching alongside Brian Robinson, head coach of the Bishop McGinnis Lady Villains, who are back-to-back-to-back-to-back-back-to-back-to-back-to-back State Champions. That’s right. Eight consecutive state titles. While the Lady Villains are well known throughout North Carolina, Laurie splits her time coaching with […]

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StatEasy’s Guide to Technology: Sharing Video Online


You’ve got a thousand different responsibilities as a coach, and more often than not, barely enough time to manage them all. We’d like to share with a you a little trick, that will help you save time and eliminate some expenses along the way. This week, we’ll give you the rundown of sharing video online […]

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One Basketball Coach’s StatEasy Experience

You would be hard pressed to find someone who prepares more diligently for games than Spencer Stefko and his staff. His StatEasy experience so far tells a great story. A young and exuberant coach, Stefko is the head girl’s varsity coach for Seton La Salle High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s widely known for outworking […]

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StatEasy’s Guide to Technology: YouTube

The free video streaming site YouTube can be anyone’s best friend when used properly. In this week’s Guide to Technology, we’ll show you how to sign up, upload video, and share that video with others. Step 1: Signing Up for YouTube   You can sign up for YouTube for free right from their Home Page. […]

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The Facts About Sports Community Collaboration


For high schools and colleges, sports have always been the linchpin of community. They create opportunities for individual students to work together, they create challenges for teams to overcome, and they create pride for the members of a team and all who follow them when they achieve their goals. But over the past decade, the […]

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Confessions from a Sports Software Intern

13 Jul 2013 | Under Viewpoint | Posted by | 0 Comments

“…and yet a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of our invention.” – Plato, C. 377 BCE When Sir Isaac Newton gazed at the heavens, perhaps his first thought was not, “I really should create a practical telescope reflector in order to better study the effects of gravitation on celestial bodies.” And yet, […]

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Growing Community in Schools with Sports Technology


Athletic Directors, just by virtue of their position, are responsible for providing a vehicle for growing pride in their schools’ respective identities. That identity extends from the team and department level to encompass all of the students in the school as well as the people of the district. On a given Friday night you will […]

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How To: Upload, Associate, & Synchronize Video for Basketball

5 Jul 2013 | Under How To, Information, Tutorials | Posted by | 0 Comments

Marrying statistics to video is a three-step process: 1. Upload your video  Every time StatEasy is opened, two windows appear – a smaller StatEasy window and Google Chrome. The smaller window is where we upload video.  Simply drag and drop your video files into the white space on the window.  StatEasy will upload and encode […]

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How To: Share Events and Invite Players and Families

1 Jul 2013 | Under How To, Information, Tutorials | Posted by | 0 Comments

Sharing stats and video with players and families takes just two minutes. 1. Share the Event From the StatEasy Dashboard, click on View Stats for Your Team. Under Actions on the right side, click Share for the event you would like to make available online. 2.Open StatEasy Social Sports Network Once the game is successfully shared, click […]

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Im a huge fan of StatEasy and haven’t found any stat program that works as well when stating volleyball.

William Becque
William Becque
Director of Sports Information at Smith College

We utilized the stats on the bench to help us win a 5-set match against the 4th ranked team in the country! They were not using StatEasy by the way.

Tim Balice
Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

It’s a definite game changer!

Patrick Walton
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Voyager Academy

Mind = Blown.

Lauren Torvi
Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach, Depauw University

One of our major [focal points] is professional development… That is part of our mission, and this product, hands down, does that.

Dave Archer
Executive Director, Basketball Coaches Association of New York

It gives that coach an option of showing their players instantly, not just their numbers, not just their stats, but film to back up what those numbers say, so that’s something that we think could be really special to the coach.

Tom Barrick
Executive Director, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association

We believe it’s the model that is going to catch on once people realize the quality of the product.

Greg Grantham
Executive Director, North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association