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Download StatEasy Content Creator

We’ve eliminated arduous post game processing. Our technology allows coaches and assistants to capture stats on the fly using a simple keystroke coding scheme while the cameras are rolling. When the game or match is over, you just sync the stats with the video and StatEasy does the rest. Publish the video to the cloud and all of your players and followers are notified of the new content.


Painless, video-based coaching

All you need to do is record the game and track the stats. Sync stats to video and give players video evidence to back your claims.

Eliminates post-game video editing process saving 48 hours per season

With one click, sync game stats to video and analyze the game. StatEasy eliminates the need for post-game video breakdown, adding markers/tags, or “divide and conquer” data-entry methods.

Web-based software links stats to video for interactive reports

Imagine seeing a box score and being able to click on any statistic to see the video evidence. StatEasy is the only program that integrates statistics with video and gives you the ability to share over the internet.

Lightning fast video search reveals plays for quick and easy post game analysis

Type in any stat, play, or athlete and StatEasy will bring up the corresponding video. No more fast-forward or rewinding hopelessly searching for something significant.

Simplifies sharing of the game’s best moments with team members, families and peers

Sharing video highlights is as easy as creating a music playlist. Share StatReels with coaches, athletes, families, fans, and recruiters.

Download Content

Install the software, add your players, and start sharing your best season yet.

Download “Windows Install” StatEasy.exe – Downloaded 11498 times – 51 MB

Download “Macintosh Install” StatEasy.dmg – Downloaded 1817 times – 134 MB

or contact us by phone and
we will get you set up.

412 223 7377

System Requirements

Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 processor
PC Computer must have a video card (no netbooks)

Camera & Cables
Any digital video camera

System Speed & Storage
Minimum: 512 MB RAM & 150 MB Hard Drive Space
Recommended: 2 GB RAM & 50 GB Hard Drive Space (for videos)

Sample Content

If you’ve never used StatEasy before and haven’t used the live demo, we recommend downloading and installing some content from last season to experience interacting with full game content or the specific activities of individual players. When you are done, just remove it and create your own.

Game/Match/Sport Download
Girls Basketball: Download
Boys Basketball: Download