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One Basketball Coach’s StatEasy Experience


Spencer Stefko

You would be hard pressed to find someone who prepares more diligently for games than Spencer Stefko and his staff. His StatEasy experience so far tells a great story.

A young and exuberant coach, Stefko is the head girl’s varsity coach for Seton La Salle High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s widely known for outworking his opponents and studying more film than many collegiate coaches.

This year will be Stefko’s first at Seton La Salle, and his second utilizing StatEasy. Last year with Chartier’s Valley High School, Spencer took his team to the Pennsylvania State Semi-Finals (the PIAA Champion in AA was using StatEasy as well).

We caught up with Spencer to understand what film breakdown was like before StatEasy.

StatEasy: Before you were introduced to StatEasy, how long did it take to dissect a game film?

Spencer Stefko: To properly cut up my film, it would probably take six to eight man hours for me, my staff, or the kids would help out sometimes.

SE: How many clips would that be for one game?

SS: It ended up being around 700 – 800 clips if done properly. That was doing everything, inbounds, play calls, possessions, etc. By the end of the season, you’re talking a few thousands clips in a folder [on my computer]. It was also six to eight hours to properly do an opponent’s game as well.

SE: Once you started using StatEasy, how long did it take to break you film down?


Watch an interview with Spencer

SS: Well, by incorporating those two processes [statistics and video], we got our process down to an hour and a half.

Last year, the Chartier’s Valley Girls Team played in 30 games, with an overall record of 22 – 8. If he was spending six to eight hours every game breaking film down, he saved over 150 hours last season!

“As a coach you always want to perform your due diligence, make sure you’re prepared for each game, make sure that you’re getting film, and that you’re giving kids feedback.

When you can do it in a quarter of the time, it opens up the rest of that time for family time. This might sound melodramatic, but I’m a much better brother, uncle, and son with all that time to spend.”

We strive to find coaches like Stefko who are spending too much time in their office and not enough time doing the things they love. If you’re one of those coaches, we want to know! In the comments section, tell us how much time you’re spending on film breakdown, and what you’d rather be doing!

Im a huge fan of StatEasy and haven’t found any stat program that works as well when stating volleyball.

William Becque
William Becque
Director of Sports Information at Smith College

We utilized the stats on the bench to help us win a 5-set match against the 4th ranked team in the country! They were not using StatEasy by the way.

Tim Balice
Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

It’s a definite game changer!

Patrick Walton
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Voyager Academy

Mind = Blown.

Lauren Torvi
Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach, Depauw University

One of our major [focal points] is professional development… That is part of our mission, and this product, hands down, does that.

Dave Archer
Executive Director, Basketball Coaches Association of New York

It gives that coach an option of showing their players instantly, not just their numbers, not just their stats, but film to back up what those numbers say, so that’s something that we think could be really special to the coach.

Tom Barrick
Executive Director, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association

We believe it’s the model that is going to catch on once people realize the quality of the product.

Greg Grantham
Executive Director, North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association