Get your team online sharing stats and video at no cost to your program

Three Easy Ways to Get StatEasy

StatEasy is an integrated stats and video technology platform for schools, teams and families. We help coaches and families capture and share the greatest moments of every game — without distracting anyone from enjoying it as it happens. Our solutions create community within a school and eliminates the post-game video editing process saving time for coaches and support staff. We have packages for teams, packages for families and highlight packages for everyone. Get StatEasy today.

Team Network Access
for Colleges & High Schools


per player

  • StatReel_DVD
    A safe, protected social network with footage that’s automagically broken down for post game review. As soon as the content upload is complete, your team members get full access to the footage and all product features.
  • Full Season Content Access
  • 1 Year of Storage
  • 9 Player Accounts Minimum
  • Try StatEasy free for 30 days

Social Sports Network Access
for Families


per season

  • StatReel_DVD
    A safe, protected social network to follow and engage with your favorite players games and highlights all season long. Families get full access to their players content and up to 4 accounts to share with family members near and far.
  • Full Season Content Access
  • 1 Year of Storage
  • 4 Family Accounts
  • Try StatEasy free for 30 days

Highlight Packages


per StatReel

  • StatReel_DVD
    Buy StatReel Exports (our highlight reel) for any person on the StatEasy network. Save exported full resolution StatReel video files a keepsake, load it onto your mobile device to share with friends wherever you go, or use it for recruiting.
  • $300 for a StatReel for every game
  • $150 for one video of the seasons highlights
  • Build your own StatReel for $50/game
  • Give a Statreel as a gift

Get Our Free StatEasy Content Creator

downloadOur Mac and PC friendly desktop software makes it easy for coaches and managers to automagically put game and practice content online. All it takes is entering stats live using simple shortcuts while the camera records, importing the video to your computer, syncing stats to the recorded video, and publishing to our safe, social sports network for easy sharing with athletes, families and followers.

All you need to get set up with StatEasy is a laptop, HD camera of your choosing, the software, and the email addresses of the players you want to see the content online. Get started with StatEasy today. It’s really easy.

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