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Integrated stats and video for baseball and softball teams of all sizes and at all levels

America’s Favorite Pastime 2.0

Engage fans like never before by sharing the most exciting plays from every inning. Homers, web gems, and strikeouts deserve to be in the spotlight with StatEasy’s Social Sports Network.


Benefits for Baseball/Softball

One stop shop for all your essential baseball insights

From live pitch counts to in-depth box scores, coaches can respond to game changes based on real insights and information.

Study game and practice film like the other sports do with lightning fast video search

See how the change-up is working so well and why the curve ball has been a bit off. StatEasy makes it possible to review practice and game footage without the need for complex and expensive software. Just dive into the integrated stats and video for game review and sharing.

Analyze a baseball game like never before with live stats and integrated video

Our solution gives coaches and players the information that they need to identify strengths, discover tendencies, and exploit weaknesses in opponents—and ultimately win games.

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