Integrated stats and video for football teams of all sizes and at all levels

Don’t Just Own the Field, Own the Fans

Our Social Sports Platform allows coaches and players to work together on and off the field to improve the team. StatEasy’s automagic stat and video integration makes content interactive with no production headaches. By extending access to families, friends, and fans, we help teams build unity.


Benefits for Football

Smart football coaches use live stats

Live stats give coaches the information that they need to win: identify strengths, discover tendencies, and exploit weaknesses in opponents.

Getting ready for film sessions has never been easier

Sync the game stats and video and analyze the game with one click. StatEasy eliminates the need for post-game video breakdown, adding markers/tags, or “divide and conquer” data-entry methods. Just dive into the integrated stats and video for game review, scouting, and self-scout.

Watch the game video at home

Review integrated stats and video from any internet-connected web browser. Browser access enables collaboration and sharing between coaches at game time and specialty coaches can focus on their specific facet of the game. Plus, no more making player highlights! Players and parents can do it themselves, saving the coaching staff time and headaches.

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