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Getting Started with StatEasy

StatEasy is a comprehensive, integrated stats and video solution for high school and college sports teams. It allows teams to record and publish statistically coded video to the internet to share with a trusted community of coaches, families and peers.

We make it possible for teams to extend the best plays of the game beyond the field or court, letting fans and friends enjoy the best moments of the game whether they were there or not.

To use if for your team, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install for Mac or PC
Download our Content Creator software to your Mac or PC (laptops recommended).
2. Create a user
Create an administrator account with StatEasy to set yourself up as team manager. You can add additional managers later.
3. Add team members
Once you are set up, add your players so you can easily stat their action and share footage after the game.
4. Start recording and statting games
Record the game with any digital video camcorder and stake stats throughout the game (or after if you prefer.)
5. Import video into StatEasy Content Creator
Connect your video camera to your computer and import the video files into the Content Creator software.      Volleyball Guide      Basketball Guide
6. Share the game with coaches, players, families and fans
Use StatEasy’s safe, social network for schools and teams to share the best plays or full game coverage with trusted community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

StatEasy’s solution allows teams of all types to create content, automagically attach stats, and share that content with team members, fans and families. Getting going is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take stats live during the game w/ StatEasy on your laptop.
  2. Continuously film the game from the desired vantage point (continuous video means no stopping and starting, except for halftime).
  3. Upload digital video into StatEasy.
  4. Sync the first stat you took during the match w/ the corresponding video (do the same for the start of the second half).
  5. Use stat reports to guide you to the most relevant video content.
  6. Share with your team and community to build unity!

StatEasy Content Creator is available for both Mac and PC Computers. To make installation a bit easier, we have published both the Mac and Windows installation instructions..

Yes, for locational data and data consumption. Tablets won’t handle the amount of video that is produced throughout the course of a season, let alone multiple seasons, so we recommend laptops.

Our Content Creator Software works on any computer bought in the last 3 years that has a video card. We recommend a that the computer have 2 GB RAM & 50 GB Hard Drive Space to store the video files. The minimum requirement is 512 MB RAM & 150 MB Hard Drive Space which is enough processing power and storage to cover a full game. To record the video, StatEasy can accept video from any digital video camera. Here are some recommendations.

Yes, you can scout other teams and their film if you have access to their game footage.

No, because StatEasy is installed on your computer, you can stat any game, anywhere, regardless of connectivity.

Yes, users with access can create StatReels (our term for playlists) to share with team members and other authorized users within the StatEasy content network. Players, coaches and families can also purchase and download archival StatReels for recruiters, or to save as keepsakes.

Yes. Once you have the video on your computer, you can use it the same way you use other digital media.

No. The video camera and the laptop are separate so you get the best vantage point for video. The laptop can be near the bench so the coaching staff has access to the stats. You import the video to StatEasy after the game.

No. The coaching staff enters stats live at the game or post-game from the video.

StatEasy is free for coaches and athletic departments. We offer paid, online access to the stats and video for the players and families.

Any digital video camera will work with StatEasy. Check out StatEasy’s Guide to Technology: Video Cameras for some tips on getting the perfect camera.

Any laptop purchased in the past 3 years will be able to run StatEasy. You just need to ensure there is enough memory to store a season’s worth of video.

Encoding is the process of translating video from one format to another. Rather than have a specific format required for StatEasy, we accept all formats, then translate them into one StatEasy can understand. Encoding time is dependent on the size and quality of the video, and the processing speed of the computer.

Uploading is the process of sending video to the StatEasy servers so you can watch it online anytime. Uploading speed is dependent on the size and quality of the video, and you internet connection, i.e., your network speed. To test your internet connection, visit You want to look at the Upload speed. Anything below 1 Mbps will result in lengthy upload times. To increase the speed of your upload, try connecting your computer to an ethernet cable instead of wireless. A hardline will increase your upload speed dramatically.

Much like the Uploading video, watching online videos is dependent on your internet connection, i.e., your network speed. To test your internet connection, visit You want to look at the Download speed. Anything below 2 Mbps will result in lengthy buffer times. To increase the speed of your buffering, try connecting your computer to an ethernet cable instead of wireless. A hardline will decrease buffer times dramatically.

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